Stuck in Reverse (everclearbabe) wrote in walt_awards,
Stuck in Reverse


1. Circle of Life by luthiencalime</b></a>
An icon featuring a live action Disney movie.
2. One Jump Ahead by janeckb
An icon with a mini-movie, featuring a Disney movie.
3. Listen With Your Heart  by epicrain
An icon without any text, featuring a Disney movie.
4. I Bring You A Song by _rubizzle
An icon showing good use of a lyric, featuring a Disney movie
5. Step In Time by jenzdesignz
An icon showing good use of animation, featuring a Disney movie
6. Someday My Prince Will Come by nerd_herd_icons
An icon featuring a Disney Couple. True to the movie or not.
7. Zero to Hero by raelala
An icon featuring a Disney Hero.
8. He's a Tramp by tornadoalli
An icon featuring a Disney Villian.
9. A Girl Worth Fighting For by withpaperwings_
An icon featuring a Disney Princess. Meg, Pohcahontas, Mulan, Wendy, and Alice count.
10. God Help the Outcasts by _quodpot
An icon that doesn't fit the rules of any other categories, but needs to be nominated.

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